Saturday, October 11, 2008

Social Media and the Economy

In case you hadn't noticed, the economy isn't too strong at the moment. With organizations already beginning to make large scale redundancies to cut ever increasing costs, much recent speculation has queried whether or not the social media is likely to remain a viable marketing tool in the years to come. My response; unquestionably.

Despite the need for organizations to justify every expense incurred against ROI, it should be acknowledged that social media marketing can be free. If implemented effectively, an organisation's workforce can be impassioned to truly represent their employers online. By empowering the workforce and creating a culture of creativity, the employees will feel a far greater connection with the organisation. Under such circumstances, the workforce is far more likely to convey their passion for the organisation online. This allows the organisation to convey a more human aspect to its business. Such actions are only likely to result as a corollary of an absense of regulation. Whilst minimal monitoring of employee participation in the social media is necessary, for example to exclude the presence of obscenities and trade secrets, I passionately believe that overly regulating the process will result in mechanistic perceptions. This will without doubt be recognized by the communities into which the content is received, and any social media marketing efforts will be rejected.

I recognize that in times of economic instability, justification of all expenses is an important requirement. Abandoning social media though is likely to represent a mistake. I truly believe that those organizations that remain focused on the social media will retain a competitive advantage over those that supposedly 'streamline' their operations. It is my opinion that it will be the firms which retain this social media created advantage that will succeed when we emerge from the current economic crisis.

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