Monday, April 6, 2009

Are You Statue Worthy?

In his latest book 'Tribes', Seth Godin asks the question 'are you statue worthy'? Let me explain. In describing leaders, Godin emphasises that these individuals should be so empassioned for and driven by their movement that they become almost symbolic thereof; their focus firmly set upon the value which they deliver to their tribe. As Godin suggests, statues are built for those who get out front, make a point, challenge conventions, and speak up. This message resonates strongly with contemporary discussion concerning the development of personal communities.

Creation a Community
It has never been easier to create our own personal 'tribe' of sorts. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed all actively encourage the creation of personal communities through the friending and following of those with similar interests to our own. Unfortunately, as the importance of community increases, the proliferation of 'auto follow' tools designed to quickly and effortlessly expand one's following has risen dramatically. Naturally, the use of such tools has instigated significant discussion about whether or not automating the conversation detracts from the experience. Although I have my own strong views on the subject, that is a post for another day. The point that I am trying to raise here though is that despite the empowering capacities of the social media enabling each and every one of us to create tribes of our own, the creation of a tribe and the appearance of a leader are not synonymous.

Leading your way to Success
Whatever your opinion on auto follow software, the importance of 'leading' your tribe is paramount. In building a community, you have the opportunity to create something remarkable; a movement. This is simply a case of ensuring that you too are 'statue worthy'; stand out, challenge conventions, bring something to the table; trust me, the community will thank you for it. If on the other hand your community is established simply with the intention of broadcasting a message to a broader audience, then it is highly unlikely that your community will be building you a statue any time soon...

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